Just launched the first record in the Experiments In Stupidity series. Vol XIV: Placeholder hit Bandcamp Saturday (with the Bandcamp exclusive track “Unobscured View of Buttocks”), iTunes & Spotify on Monday, and is slowly creeping into the other digital stores throughout the next week or so. In the spirit of actual Experiments In Stupidity I have also learned from this to upload to Distrokid at least a week in advance of the planned release. This slow rollout nonsense isn’t helping anybody.



A few things worth mentioning about the series/release: Experiments In Stupidity is almost completely improvised start to finish. Each song takes roughly an hour to record then an hour to mix and master THE END. The series is meant to test me both as an improvisor and a composer as well as you the listener. It also serves as an outlet for the part of me that deep down believes all planning and editing is for squares. Although I fully understand this is not the case there is a small surviving part of my adolescent brain which is insists that caring about stuff is lame AF and effort is doubly so. This series’ primary job is to appease that side of me so that the rest of me can move on to the real brain bending work. In this case the entire record was performed on my trusty Roland FA08 workstation, recorded on a Tascam DP008EX, then mixed in Reaper and mastered using Izotope’s Ozone.


As I bounced from online store to online store checking file quality etc (this is my first official wide release) it occurs to me that Vol XIV Placeholder sounds a bit like being way too drunk at a carnival. Or perhaps fighting through the early stages of a dexo-trip anticipating the horrors ahead only peripherally. I hope you enjoy it for what it is; occasionally menacing off-kilter nonsense for the faint of heart.



As I said this is a wide release. Look for it (and Scraping the Barrel) on Bandcamp , iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play, and pretty much everywhere else.