Another Dead Weirdo

a dumpster fire of whimsical morbidity


In spite of several fairly reasonable requests to do otherwise, Another Dead Weirdo keeps making music. Due to an unreasonable distaste for the concept of genre he makes all kinds of music, from metal to pop to ambient to harsh noise. Funk and rap are on their way too; you have been warned.

Choke …A Love Letter

Not to be dismissed simply as an extended diatribe against Donald Trump, Choke… is a 28+ minute assault on American Fascism in total.

Disintegrating Movement

A series of thematically congruous ambient works meant to engender feelings of madness, decay, and resignation.

EIS Vol XIV: placeholder

From the Experiments In Stupidity series of releases. Each piece is roughly one hour from concept to completion, not including mixing and mastering.

attn: reviewers etc