After all of my heroes died, and the worst human being since probably Andrew “genocidal maniac” Jackson was elected to the office of the presidency I was seriously doubting the viability of the future. Like, the whole future. The hobbit handed authoritarian pumpkin being the icing on the cake of a fairly shit run over the last few years. I haven’t necessarily been feeling paralyzed per se, but certainly rudderless. As though drifting in open waters with no sonar or landfall in sight. The fog is beginning to lift though. I’d be lying if I said the success of the Women’s March on Washington had nothing to do with it. There is a certain sense of hope that came with the massive out pour of support. I mean, does anyone else remember a demonstration that reached all the way to Antarctica? I sure as hell don’t.

So for some reason yesterday as I’m watching the footage pour in I decide to finally start a Bandcamp page. Perhaps the promise of several more tomorrows inspired me to do something today? By the time I wrapped up the night I had uploaded “Information Dump 2016” featuring 10 songs, some artwork, and an essay on the brain as an OEM OS in pdf form. Every track is pay what you want and the incentive to purchase the album is 2 otherwise unavailable songs, the essay, and artwork. And the album itself is also pay what you want so your only reason to not download the whole thing is because you hate me and want me to feel unloved. I mean, that’s only one I can think of anyway. Which is horrible. Why would you want that? It’s a very strange and malicious goal to have.

The kind of thinking that dominates my process is primarily cinematic. I tend to think in terms of scenes. You’ll notice with titles like “2 Friends Dying Together” & “Driving into the Sunrise” there are clear scenarios spelled out. With other tracks they are a bit less featured but they are still there. The song descriptions on Bandcamp illustrate this further.Contact me if you would like to use any of them for a film project; I would be honored. I believe film may be the true home of pretty much everything in this collection.

Anyway thanks for clicking in and giving it a listen. Here’s hoping for a more productive, lucrative, and hopefully impeachy 2017.